Interested Testers

Oct 13, 2008 at 5:00 PM
Please either comment or send me an email,, if you are interested in testing.
I have used the methods I'm implementing to successfully revive a few Hyper-V machines. Most of the tests were consistent except one which I still managed to get working but still need others to add their experiences.
Mar 10, 2009 at 1:41 PM

I emailed you recently inquiring about the tool. I would like to test this if it is still available. i'm currently running hyper-v server and also an enterprise server 2008 core install with Hyper-v and have run into the situation where I have lost my hyper-v server but the most recent virtuals have not been exported. I believe your tool could help with this.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Aug 12, 2013 at 8:55 PM

Best regards, I am interested to test Hyper-V Machine Recovery Tool , which are the steps to download and test the app?